Our story

In 2007, in a town near Sofia, our technologist, Nikolay, researched the market for soft drinks for a drink that is healthy and natural, with no preservatives. After starting his study, he found that there are many ingredients that support human health and stimulate the immune system. One category was herbs.

The standard use of herbs is in the form of tea or as a spice in different meals. Nikolay found that there was no beverage that offered herbs in a ready-to-eat product. Moreover, there was no beverage to preserve their biologically active properties when extracting them.

That is when the question of how to extract these substances without reducing their properties and impact came to mind.

This is where Eleonora stepped in. Eleonora, as an entrepreneur, likes to develop innovative ideas and has a rich experience behind her back, including one of the best selling alcoholic beverages of the beginning of the new Millennia.

Nikolay and Eleonora, together with their team, decided to find the most optimal way to deliver a healthy and natural product that contains herbal extract without losing its properties. After many experiments and studies on the subject, together with a specialized institute of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, they created the innovative method of cold extraction. And so far even to this day, such method is not used by other companies. It allows the herbs to retain 99% of their properties in the resulting biologically active extract. Another important question was how this extract should be kept fresh and biologically active for a long time. Thus, an old patent of Nikolay was transformed and the idea got a new life - an innovative cap in which the extract was kept fresh and added to the drink by opening the bottle immediately before consumption. This cap was protected by a new patent.

After years of production experience, Eleonora and Nikolay realized they had something special. Over a period of seven years, they developed the formulas, the packaging, and the cap. While attending a trade show in London, the UK in 2015, Nikolay and Eleonora decided to monitor people's reactions to the innovative product and received a phenomenal response - people from all around the world showed great interest in their product. And this is how 'BESST' was born.

Our mission

Nike Group Inc is a small innovative company, whose mission is the production of healthy soft drinks under the trademark 'BESST'. Beverages are made with herbal extracts, entirely from wild herbs and natural products. We use state-of-the-art innovative low-temperature herbal extraction technologies to create wonderful drinks in a unique patented package.

'Best for you!' These are 'BESST' drinks because they combine the gifts of nature, preserved in a special way so that you get them fresh and full of power and life! This is a new concept combining the best of technology and nature!